Why Christmas? 

I want to ask you.
Why do you pray a long time?
Why do you pay tithes?
Do you know the reason for giving to missions?
Why do you go to church?
Asking these questions is paramount for one to be able to discover why we celebrate Christmas?

Is it a period for partying?

Have you ever looked up to heaven during this time and searched in your heart to find how God in Heaven sees this period?

True! It is not written in the word that we should celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

However one thing is there; We see angels rejoicing, encouraging the inhabitants of the earth to celebrate for the "Glory of the Lord is risen upon you?

We don’t know the exact date Jesus was born but We know this;

He was born in a manger by the Eternal Will of The Father.
He grew up and became a carpenter by the Will of the Father and at the age of 30 He began to proclaim the will of God for mankind.

December 2005