“The blueness of a wound drives away evil;
So does stripes, the inward parts of the belly” Proverbs 20:30.

Permit me to take you back some few years; I mean to your childhood days. How do you take care of your wounds when you’re alone.  Here, in Africa, it is common among kids, who believe in their hearts that they are dung the right thing, to confidently scoop sand from the floor and spread it on the surface of the wound. Sometimes, we use fluid from softened squeezed herbs. This is done with the belief that the wound will be cured in no time.
Risky! You may say.
Some children don’t even apply anything on the surface of their wounds!
They believe that their body is strong enough to bring a fast healing to the exposed wound.
Something stands out here though; there is a careful handling of wounds among kids even though it may be crude.

In those days, we were frightened with the news that “Tetanus”, a horrible virus or bacteria, would invade the exposed face of the wound causing serious damage to our health. We were told “tetanus” kills.

WHO WANTS TO DIE?  Even I don’t want to die.
(At least, not now.)
Childlike as it may seem, there is a lot in this message.
As we grew up, we learnt about the need to cover our wounds after treatment. We were told that it would help the white blood cells to be able to do their job effectively. It proved to be true. By doing so, many African children lived. Amen.
Now I don’t know in which part of this world you are but something happens to be common to the whole human race.

We have all been bruised, received stripes, and been broken by those we trusted, even loved.
We all carry wounds. Some are hidden. Some are open.
God wants you to know that:

“The blueness of a wound will drive away many evils”……
Pro.20: 30.

The “blueness of a wound” says the Lord.
How clean and uncontaminated your wound is will drive away many interested evils. Do you understand? When your wound is treated and covered, healing will be hastened and you will end up a better person.
How? Because you have learnt a lesson from the experience.

Contrary to what we have been told “to leave alone our wounds of the mind as time heals”, time does not heal anything!
The wounds, left alone, only get contaminated.


A lot goes to and fro in the air! When a wound is open, it is a real signal for bacteria and viruses to pay it a visit.
The worst thing is that when they do visit, they STAY.
Who doesn’t have wounds? The way you handle your wounds will either make you better or worse.
The way you treat your wounds will either make you an effective tool in the hand of God or an effective tool in the hand of the devil. Check yourself. Where are you now? 
The way many of us behave today relates, in the main, to past sour experiences.
“The blueness of a wound drives away evil…” Proverbs 20 v 30.
How you treat your wounds matters! Are yours blue or contaminated?  I want you to know this Kingdom Principle 
“No wounds, no healing”.
In the kingdom of Christ our Lord, the only way you can effectively minister to our generation is to “Feel” for the people.
Joseph said to his brethren.
“You meant it for evil, God meant it for good”
If Joseph had left the wounds he received from his brothers open none of them would have lived to see their children. He worked on his wounds. He hung on to God his maker even though he constantly received wounds.
The most painful wound is the one a man receives while trying to avoid the problem. Are you in this place?
Satan inflicted wounds on Paul the apostle. He prayed to God that this might be taken away but God did not allow this.
Paul worked on it and saw God’s mighty hand.
Paul ended up receiving unsurpassable revelations.
By the stripes of Jesus, we have been healed.
By your stripes, your generation will be healed.
We are able to bare pain because our eyes are on the Lord.
People will be able to bare pains and become better when they see you, the Christian, overcoming yours. You are the light of the world. Don’t allow your wounds to make you wicked! 
Listen beloved:
God allowed you to pass through hunger so that people coming up tomorrow will not be hungry. You have seen the pains of false accusation. Don’t give in to pointing fingers at anybody. You have seen the pains of disappointment. Don’t do the same. You know the pain of trying to convince people of your innocence. Be good and spend time with hurting people. This is the will of God.
Don’t hide your fears! The Lord never hid His. In fact, this is proof of His sufferings. Use your healed wounds, your scars, to minister to other people.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with your spirit, through Christ our Master. Amen.

Pastor Chris.

March 2006